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A new blog by radioaustintexas.com, focusing of verifyable science that most humans are misguided on, and sciences that most humans have never dreamed about existing.

Consciousness, part ?

The human consciousness, and all consciousnesses for that matter, can harmonize with others unknowingly and with virational frequencies far beyond all that ‘science’, knows about.
This begs a fascinating question that I have been working on. The universe is supposedly about 11 billion years old according to modern human scientists. Was the ‘Big Bang’, and the subsequent expansion of the univers and expansion of matter or consciousness?
Salting a surface with water on it lowers its freezing point from the normal 32 degrees F to about 15 degrees F. At temperatures below about 5 degrees F, salting is inefective in preventing ice from forming.
This is why the salt roads in Southern states but not Northern states.
In quest of the invisible worlds, begin by observing the visible worlds properly. When you look at a table, what do your see? Wood top and legs table with nothing under it? Wrong. There is a table with a wood top, legs, and an air square underneath it. The box of air is just as much ‘something’ as the top and legs are.

Michael Angelo’s mother once asked him (in Italian), “Tell me Michael, how do you paint the beautful pictures?”
He replied, “Learn to see, learn to see.”

Ain’t gonna change my mind, no matter what, so don’t try

“People change, but not by very much.”
– Will Rogers
Try convincing a Republican to become a Democrat, or vic a versa.
Try convincing humans that all coins have two sides, for that matter.
When something truly revolutionary comes along, like the world being round, not flat, no amount of scientific proof would change anyones mind. The “Christian Crusaders”, had to kill off all non Christian believers to get the point across. What we learned at a young age sticks forever, most unfortunately.
“Change”, in this sense, is when the older people who don’t believe something die off and the ones who grew up with it become the majority will it become fact. In this sense, change is a time thing, not a scientific fact thing.

Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half what you see.

Especially when a Satanic person is around whose name starts with an “R”. 12/24/2022

“What do we perceive besides our own Ideas or Sensations?”
– Bishop George Berkeley
Our eyes see the light that is reflected off of objects, not the color of the object.
When you look outside in the summer at all the ‘green’ vegetation, what color is it?
Green is the wrong answer, it is bluish purple and reflects the green light that we see.
When you look at snow, what color is it? White is the wrong answer.
Snow, which is water, is translucent, like a glass of water. It reflects all spectrums of light in a chrystaline form making it appear white.

Don’t worry, you are not late after all.

The field of quantam mechanics and astro physics provides the strongest proof yet that time and space actually do not exist as physical realities.
Entanglement theory: if scientists were to, say, shoot a photon through a crystal that splits it and emits two photons, which would each have half the energy, and thus color of the initial photon, and send the resulting photons in two different direction, a highly interesting phenomena occurs.
Each resulting photon knows exactly what the other one does, irregardless of the distance. If one changes it’s spin, the other will perform the complementary action immediately. Immediately meaning with no time at all involved, even the smallest fration of a second. Even if they were light years away, and could only communicate at the fastest known speed, which is the speed of light. Time and distance do not come in to play. Time and distance to them are irrelevant. This scientific occurance is readily known in the subatomic worlds and superatomic worlds such as black holes.

Follow THE RAT droppings

Pest exterminators follow animal droppings to the sourse of the lair. Rats, cockroaches, dogs, ants, and others, including humans, follow their droppings on the theory that if it was safe to go that way before, it should be safe to go that way again.

Around and around she goes

Why do planets and moons orbit each other?
Take our moon, for example. Since it’s existence it happened to have and still has a forward speed of about 2,290 miles per hour. Due to the gravity between the moon and the earth, the moon falls toward the earth at the rate of about 13 feet per minute. However, because of the curvature of the earth, it falls AROUND the earth.

Consciousness Part 1

Sciences ‘Big Bang Theory”, (Yay I know, YOU WISH), says that a little bitty thing exploded and created all these planets, black holes, you and me and the birds and the bees. This matter, with it’s associated characteristics created the consciousness to view and describe it.
‘Biocentric Design’, a facinating subject, says it is the other way around. Consciousness was what was created and is expanding. It is an intangible quantity, but so is time and space. To a non thinking person (you know who you are), time and space do not exist. They do not exist without an observer. Only by reasoning and comparison of two or more events does space and time have meaning, and they are different for different observers. Only by thinking or consciousness does time, reality, gravity and all matter exist. by ‘Biocentric Design, it is all in the mind of the beholder, and actually does not exist without one.

Last updated 12/23/2022