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“Once you go black, you will never go back. And did you see the girl on that back? This video is procuced by Dog(y) Style Music. No kidding. How appropriate

Anabel Englund on THE RAT BLOG

“Life is pleasure spiked with pain, music is my aeroplane”, Jefferson Airplane

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anabel englund

anabel englund

taylor swift


ZZ Top 17 string bass

Alice in Chains 2023 schedule


RADIO AUSTIN ZZ TOP Gernamia Insurance Amplitheater Circuit of the Americas – Del Valle Texas 09/23/2022

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Yetis are taking over Alaska

, but instead of running for the hills, residents are heading to the coast. A shipping container spilled 1K+ Yeti coolers into the sea, and they’re washing up as freebies on Alaskan beaches (beer not included). Well I was more hoping for mermaids …

Walmart says shoplifting could lead to higher prices and closures as losses from organized retail theft mount

Calling a call girl, eh I mean store associate…

to unlock the fancy razors in the glass case. Yesterday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said rising theft could lead to price hikes and store closures. America’s largest retailer is dealing with a surge in shoplifting that’s “higher than what it has historically been,” McMillon added. He said a lax approach from local prosecutors could lead to closures and higher prices if the problem persists.

Walmart isn’t the only one… Organized retail theft (think: criminal rings who steal large volumes of products only to resell them) is on the rise. Last year nearly 70% of retailers reported a spike, which contributed to losses of up to $69B. It can be hard to imagine that shoplifting could significantly affect multibillion-dollar corporate giants, but the scale has become so great it’s hitting their bottom line — and losing them hundreds of millions.

Target is also dealing with an increase in stealing, which it says is mostly organized retail theft. Recently, Target’s CFO said shoplifting at its stores has jumped 50% from last year. So far this year, losses from theft have dealt a $400M blow to its profit margins.
Rite Aid said it lost $5M last quarter from theft at its NYC locations, and last year Best Buy’s CEO said that rising theft had been “traumatizing” for workers.

T told you the girl would be cheaper, believe it or ont

Party in the panty pantry… Despite inflated prices, Americans have continued splurging on brand-name groceries from companies like Pepsi, Kraft, and Kellogg. Pepsi’s offset higher costs by hiking prices or shrinking product sizes (cough, shrinkflation). Last quarter Pepsi doubled its annual sales forecast as snacking demand stayed strong. But recession fears are sparking concerns that consumers’ label loyalty could be tested:

In October, Pepsi’s popular Frito-Lay brand saw sales volumes dip. Meanwhile, consumers across income levels are starting to trade down to cheaper private labels.
Now, Pepsi execs said they want to offset pressure on margins by preparing for “worsening macroeconomic conditions.”
Well inflation is deflating my stomach, but it need is anyway.


: Apple reportedly altered its planned self-driving car to include a steering wheel and pedals (anticlimactic). Autonomous tech has lagged expectations, as players like Tesla struggle to deliver on promises.
Tesla just released a time lapse video of their all electric semi completing a 500 hundred mile drive fully loaded. (Wow, sounds like my date last night.)

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No store does more than OUR HEB ATX

Florence Butt
2020 America’s Richest Families Net Worth

The Butt family owns the Texas-based H.E.B. grocery store chain, which started in 1905 when Florence Butt opened a small grocery store with just $60. Her son Howard Butt took over in the 1920s and expanded it across Texas, renaming it the H.E. Butt Grocery Company in 1928.


This AD is the opinion of, and it’s employees, and has not been approved nor paid for by HEB (DUHHH!)



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