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Cynthia Joane Angelina Germonatta. Goes by Joane. lead, Lisa worked stage crew for her 2 1/2 years.

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Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Mobile Loaves and Fishes

There is no nonprofit in Austin that does more for the poor, the needy and the disadvantaged.

Consider joining the effort that is helping the most for those who need help the most.

And Keeping Austin clearer of homeless issues needing addressed.

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Crazy ass girls.

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“Life is pleasure spiked with pain, music is my aeroplane”, Jefferson Airplane

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“A scepter is to hit one’s loyal subjects over the head with when they are not being so loyal.”

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“Hobbies: Wearing nothing but boots and spurs to bed during sex, in case I have to make them cowboys ‘getty up’.”

Vince “Rocky” – AI, Podcasts, and Promotions

“Hobbies Wheel Chair Racing and Going to the moon, where the grass is always green.”



RADIO AUSTIN ZZ TOP Gernamia Insurance Amplitheater Circuit of the Americas – Del Valle Texas 09/23/2022

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This just in. Astronauts on the ISS doing botanical experiments lost a tomato (first, how did you lose it?), which after being in orbit for 8 months they found it. Are you shittin’ me? Go to for the story.

“Our good friend Frank Rubio, who headed home [already], has been blamed for quite a while for eating the tomato. But we can exonerate him. We found the tomato,” NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli said during a livestreamed event on Wednesday (Dec. 6) that celebrated the ISS’ 25th anniversary. The ISS will be de-orbited next year and burned up in the atmosphere. (eh.. Time to go!! 512-SPACE for a ride.)

George Santos says he opposes marriage equality on the second anniversary of his marriage to a man


>p>L*^*> /p>

If you can be you, why can’t I be me/

Transgender Woman, some angel was texting or something and fuc@@ it up. Wait a minute. We cannot identify with men at all, but can identify with women. And there is nothing wrong with being a woman. There is a whole more to it than having a P..Y. But that really helps. Sex correction surgery is about $60 thousand in the US. They turn it outside outside in. “Well, hope you like it”. How do they make a girl a man, muscle in her leg.

The City of Austin is creating a Homeless Strategy Office (HSO), a standalone division of Austin Public Health. It should be active Dec. 15. Also, The City will probably buy the Salvation Army city block downtown, from the Salvation Army, including the parking lot and businesses on it on Red River. The structure will be renovated, and the Salvation Army will be contracted to manage it (From what I have learned [AG], the only way they would do it.). It will be used to house homeless women and TRANSGENDER WOMEN.


In this year’s Miss Universe, there were two transgender women. There were two biological male contestants who identify as females this year, Miss Netherlands Rikkie KollĂ© and Miss Portugal Marina Machete. Only Machete made it to the top 20.

radio austin texas

Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios won Miss Universe Saturday amid many historic firsts for the pageant.


Palacios, 23, was the first from her country to take the title. Among the other first-time candidates was Miss Nepal Jane Garrett, who was the first plus-size model, and the first ever Miss Pakistan Erica Robin, and the first contestants to be married mothers Miss Guatemala Michelle Cohn and Miss Colombia Camila Avella.


radio austin texas

Are you thinking what we are thinking? BOY has this pageant changed (would you?).

radio austin texas

Dolly Parton at the half time show, TGiving Dallas / Washington game. At 77 she is FINE.(I KNOW you would). THE RAT

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ATX food mar

3002 S Congress Ave. South Austins convenience store.


Petes Dueling Piano Bar, 421 E. 6th, downtown Austin, unbeatable entertainment. Opens 8:00 PM

ROPPOLO’S PIZZA An Austin icon.

316 E. 6th Opens 5 PM; 2604 Guadalupe (West Campus) opens 11 AM; 512-265-2121.

“Lisa, Are you hookin’ at Ropollo’s again.”

“I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A SLICE OF ROPPOLO’S PIZZA. They have everything you need girl”


New store Congress @ Oltorf


H-E-B Lake Austin will operate a True Texas BBQ restaurant and will include a full bar and indoor and outdoor seating. It will also have a South Flo Pizza restaurant and a coffee shop that will serve house-made breakfast tacos. Curbside and home delivery services will be available.
A FULL BAR???? Now were talkin’. As far as dancing girls, we cant be there all the time.


We just are impressed with these people. This AD has not been approved nor paid for by HEB

I like their Paramount+ advertisement, “The following is a public savings announcement”. So precious


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