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… speaking of rats, spiders, and other kool things.

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“Life is pleasure spiked with pain, music is my aeroplane”, Jefferson Airplane

Why do we say we “spin that record”?

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Radio Austin Texas – The RAT

How to Turn a Woman on Sexually

The following is a public service announcement brought to you by THE RAT

The area around our current main broadcast location, has a women who could best be described best as having “Three alarm fires pussies”, that the entire Fire Department could not put out or control, especially after homeless and jobless, crack dealer & burglar Randy(aka Wanna Be Chriminal Mastermind) showed up; with the purpose of causing us problems, including stalking and burglary; and these “out of control ho” gave him a lair for his criminal activities, and joined in in his terribly disrespectful and illegal activities. If there is a hell for ho’s they are definately going there. Latest update, With M

We are working with TicketFuckers, a very appropriate name, but actually TicketMasters, to try to monetize the insanity around here. We are working on contests for tickets.

Randy is the of real world Wil-E-Cayote, self proclaimed super genious, on The Road Runner Show. His plans always backfire, and the road runner goes, “BEEP BEEP”, and takes off. Yesterday, Michaelle, “Dont worry about it, he cant get you in trouble.” Its the disrespect, ho.

Reality Check. When you stand out from the crowd, such as politicians; and gasp, Kings and Queens; Princess Diana; and other sucessful individuals, you are going to be on a lot of radars, usually from jealousy. So, if you are a Road Runner, there will be cayotes following you. (This just in!, Currntly at Michaelle’s 821 D.
Here’s a way to stand out, if it wasn’t for those damn Russian winters, would rule the world. Blog post today.



“A scepter is to hit one’s loyal subjects over the head with when they are not being so loyal.”

Radio Austin


Stephanie – Special Programs

“I want to show off the quadrupal Ds, Brains, and Butt. Not necessarily in that order”

Trish – Digital Content

“Hobbies: Wearing nothing but boots and sprurs to bed during sex, in case I have to make them cowboys ‘getty up’.”

Vince – AI, Podcasts, and Promotions

“Hobbies Wheel Chair Racing and Going to the moon, where the grass is always green.”

Radio Austin sends DJ to the moon


Metallica 72 Seasons

Metallica 72 Seasons

Nickleback Photograph

Randy Bauchman

Randy Bauchman



Kim Petras

Kim Petras, “The Worlds Youngest Transexual”

kris kristopherson quotes

The Jeff Beck Group – L-R Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Ronie Wood and Rod Stewart

kris kristopherson quotes

taylor swift

anabel englund

Janet Jackson

anabel englund

Lady Gaga

anabel englund


ZZ Top 17 string bass

Alice in Chains 2023 schedule



RADIO AUSTIN ZZ TOP Gernamia Insurance Amplitheater Circuit of the Americas – Del Valle Texas 09/23/2022

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Speaking of rediculous.

Grumet: Many Texans must work for food stamps. But no work required for $92,000 payout.


Bridget Grumet
Austin American-Statesman

People in need wait to receive food from a mobile food pantry in Kyle. Texans who receive food stamps for their families must renew their status every six months.

If you’re on food stamps, you can be sure the state of Texas will check up on you. Every six months, in fact.

You have to fill out new forms proving that you’re still poor and working at least 30 hours a week (unless you’re over 60 or physically unable to work). You have to demonstrate that your car isn’t worth too much, and, in some cases, show your housing and health care costs. {read: You’re fucked}

Every six months.

Just to get help to buy food — up to $939 a month for a family of four.

I kept thinking about that as I read a stunning story last week about government spending on the other end of the spectrum. As my colleague Tony Plohetski reported, Victor Vandergriff resigned from his post as a Texas Department of Transportation commissioner in 2018 — but the state continued to pay him for five years, in payments totaling nearly $92,000.


Corpus Christi Caller Times USA TODAY NETWORK

Nearly all of the $11 million in Lotto Texas tickets purchased at the store that sold the winning combination for last month’s near-record $95 million jackpot were sold to a single individual who has not yet come forward to claim the prize, the store owner has confirmed to the USA TODAY Network.


I want my own Ghost Town (fitting for me)

Gabriella Ybarra
San Antonio Express-News

A tiny ghost town in West Texas is looking for a new owner after a group of German friends purchased the town two decades ago.

The West Texas town of Lobo, off Texas 90, is 130 miles southeast of El Paso, about 16 miles south of Van Horn and about 15 miles east of the Rio Grande.

According to the property listing, the 10-acre town comes with several former business buildings, including a grocery store and post office, motel, gas station and restaurant as well as a few other houses and structures.

So, what’s the asking price? According to Alexander Bardorff, one of the co-owners of the town who spoke to Marfa Public Radio, their base price is $100,000.

To put the price in perspective, as of this March, the median price of a home in Texas was $341,300, according to Redfin.


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Who would claim that it is fair or proper that one groups should control and dominate other groups? Other than members of that particular group? Civil rights activism, and women’s civil rights activism is necessary for this fairness to be achieved and maintained. Without it, “With Liberty and Justice for All,” will be just an illusion and will not happen. It should be considered a crime for this activism to not proceed unfettered.

lisa gene cox

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The women make a suicide pact, come back as spirits, and get their revenge. The men are driven to do anything, even seek their own suicides, to rid themselves of the vengeful spirits following them. Wait till im dead

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3002 S Congress Ave. South Austins convenience store.


Petes Dueling Piano Bar, 421 E. 6th, downtown Austin, unbeatable entertainment. Opens 8:00 PM

ROPPOLO’S PIZZA An Austin icon.

316 E. 6th Opens 5 PM; 2604 Guadalupe (West Campus) opens 11 AM; 512-265-2121.

“Lisa, Are you hookin’ at Ropollo’s again.”

“I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A SLICE OF ROPPOLO’S PIZZA. They have everything you need girl”


New store Congress @ Oltorf


H-E-B Lake Austin will operate a True Texas BBQ restaurant and will include a full bar and indoor and outdoor seating. It will also have a South Flo Pizza restaurant and a coffee shop that will serve house-made breakfast tacos. Curbside and home delivery services will be available.
A FULL BAR???? Now were talkin’. As far as dancing girls, we cant be there all the time.


We just are impressed with these people. This AD has not been approved nor paid for by HEB

Best Apartments in South Austin | The Heights


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