Radio Austin sends DJ to the Moon

radio austin
Finally fed up with one of their DJs shit, Radio Austin talked NASA into sending her to the moon. Financial arrangement were not disclosed.

“Mission Control to Lisa, come in over.”
Ya, Lisa here, whats up?
“How are you so far?”
“Not good, Houston, I left my pipe in the ready room. I am going to have to come back and get it.”
“First, Lisa, You can’t come back, now anyway, and there is no smoking no NASA rockets.”
“Ok, I’ll use a beer can.”
“Beer can, Lisa”
“I dont know how far I will have to walk to a 7-11.”
“5,000 miles an hour and 2,900 miles above the earth is not high enough for you?”
“Well, there is always room for improvement.”
“Lisa, no wonder Radio Austin wanted to send you to the moon.”
“I go there all the time anyway, Houston.”
“And another thing, did you know I cant get internet up here? I can’t watch youporn.
“Yes, Lisa we knew that.”
“Houston, I am starting to not like this at all.”
“You should have taken a magazine or something.”
“There are moon hos arent there.”
“Not real sure what your asking Lisa.”
“That’s it. I’m turning this thing around.”

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