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In support of the Creole culure through song. “The stories of the Kouri-Vini must be kept alive.”

Cedric Watson

Born in 1983, Cedric Watson grew up in San Felipe, Texas surrounded by the blues, old soul, country, and zydeco music. Though hip-hop was then popular amongst his peers, Cedric developed an affinity for the old-style French songs of Southwest Louisiana and the greater Houston area. He soon found himself in Lafayette, Louisiana where he became part of the musical community and began contributing to the continuity of Creole music.

Roots musician Cedric Watson grew up listening to relatives speak Kouri-Vini, a blend of Afreican languages and French that, with fewer that 6,000 speakers left, was at risk of being forgotten.

As an adult, he sat out to preserve the endangered language, which emerged when West African slaves in Louisiana needed to communicate across tribes. Cedric Watson, a Grammy nominated multi-instrumantalist, performs Kouri-Vini songs around the world, and his next album will be recorded almost entirely in the language. He’s a part of a new generation of speakers who host TV shows, write books, and teach online classes to promote Creole culture. “The stories of Kouri-Vini speakers must be kept alive.”

Cedric Watson plays a variety of old-school zydeco styles, original material, and Creole traditionals. The polyrhythmic and syncopated sounds of Africa and the Caribbean echo in his ensemble. He plays old La-La French music (traditional Creole music) in accordion, fiddle, and guitar with mentors Edward Poullard and James Adams in Les Amis Creole.

Last updated 04/10/2023

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