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Florida’s Governor DeSantis passed a ‘Don’t Say Gay’, law. Disney came out in opposition to it. Now DeSantis is trying to pass laws do curtail Disney’s creativity. More on the RAT BLOG.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has thought of a new way to harass Disney for opposing his “Don’t Say Gay” law — screwing with Disney World’s monorail train and gondola tram.

On Tuesday, the state’s Republican-led Senate Committee on Fiscal Policy began considering S.B. 1250, a general transportation bill. One amendment would allow state officials to inspect and shut down the company’s monorail and “fixed-guideway transportation systems… to ensure safety and welfare” for passengers and inspectors.

After Disney spoke out against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, DeSantis continuously criticized the company in public and oversaw the Florida legislature’s revocation of Disney’s decades-old special zoning agreement to punish them. Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District was established in 1968 and granted Disney World the power to tax itself to pay for water, power, roads, and fire services on the 25,000-acre property near Orlando. In February, DeSantis signed a bill abolishing the district.

DeSantis has also threatened to build a prison next to Disney and called for state oversight of Disney World’s rides. His revenge quest has caused him to be ridiculed by a local paper for declaring “thermonuclear war on a cartoon mouse.” He has also been mocked by Saturday Night Live for having married his wife at Disney World in 2009.

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